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If you are a Miami Dade licensed contractor, THIS MESSAGE is for you!

As you may know, Miami Dade County requires you to take 16 hours.  One of the subjects of those hours must be Chapter 10 ordinances.

At this time, Miami Dade County does not provide for their licensees to take all their continuing education hours online.  This means that you cannot do your full 16 hours on the internet.

Your BEST OPTION is to register for one of our "LIVE" CLASSES and attend our full day's discussion where we help remind you of important things necessary for you to keep your license current, AND learn something while you're at it.

Soon we may be offering the 2 hours online, but right now we offer them at the conclusion of our regular 14-hour course.

Don't worry!  It's not a full 2 hours that we spend together!  But having an instructor who was a past Board Member will be very helpful in getting you to be clear on important requirements of this code.

REGISTER TODAY for a class near you!


Jack Ford - Finish carpentry contractor from Miami

Let's be real, --- nobody wants to have to sit through these mandatory classes --- but Phil goes out of his way to make it as comfortable as possible with his less formal and humorous presentation style. Plus arranging lunch, having a big cooler of drinks nearby and picking a great location also helped to make it easier to get through. Terrific class!