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2020 Online PRICE BUSTER

GREETINGS to all Florida Contractors!

Beginning immediately, we are issuing an EARLY BIRD price buster for our 14 hour online courses!

If you are a Florida licensed contractor and need 14 hours to renew your license, OUR COURSE is for you!

It is PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED!  All video format!  NO BORING audio narration!

Price of $49 for all 14 hours expires on May 1, 2020 and reverts to our regular price of $89.

Continuing education has never been so easy of economical!  And we do this better than ANYBODY.  Look at our SAMPLE video with HD footage, and animation!  Easy!  Fun!  Personal and RELEVANT!

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!

POOL requirement changes, again ...


in 2017, the CILB "changed" your continuing education requirements (F.A.C. 61G4-18.001).  

CLICK HERE to see their new rule. Click on the Notice Adopted on July 19, 2017.

They told us that this new requirement would go into effect for the 2018 cycle.

We relayed this new information to YOU!

Just a couple weeks ago now, they "changed" their minds, again.

Now, they say that they won't ENFORCE the new requirement until the 2019 renewal cycle.

Therefore, while we are AHEAD of the game, NO LONGER is the new continuing education requirement necessary for you, in 2018.

Regardless, both our regular Construction 14 Hour Course, and our Pool 14 Hour Course, are both good for any CILB-issued license.

It has been upsetting for us that the CILB changed the rules abruptly, and then changed them ... again ... but no matter, we are in compliance either way!

We believe in each case, our course will exceed your expectations and look forward to including you in our program!

Construction Continuing Education WARNING!!!


BEWARE!!!  Many continuing education providers are selling cheap courses online!

You see the prices?  $79.  Even $59!

Be careful of what you will be getting!!  They are sub-standard!

Even HIGHER priced courses don't match our program.  There are many online construction continuing education courses which are $99, and are lame, "audio recordings" with text.  So you have to sit and watch the words and listen to a half-rate narrator, drone on and on for 14 hours.


We have Florida's ONLY professional recorded, studio filmed, with cartoon animation, neatly edited VIDEO for practically the entire course!  Only the Building Code portion contains any text, yet it also, is video, which advances on its own, to meet the state's time requirement - including the NEW Pool Electrical Requirement.

When you make your selection consider what you are buying.  If you must take a class to renew your license, you might as well take one that's good!  We have over 90% of contractors taking our courses, reporting that it was the best course they ever took!  Better than irrelevant wise cracks!  Better than technical presentations about subjects that don't even MATTER to the contractor who paid money to attend the class.  We discuss RELEVANT matters about your business!

Click HERE to sign up for our ONLINE COURSE.  

Watch our VIDEO SAMPLE, which shows you how good we really are!

Sign in and out as you please!  Everybody passes!  Print your own certificate!

Contractor ETC is about helping make YOU more successful!

Collecting Money

Collecting on your contracts is probably the most important financial goal you have.  How's it going?  In today's economy money is tight.  We read in the headings nowadays that credit card companies are cancelling accounts and tightening constraints.  Owners are likely to do the same thing and this means that a slowdown in collecting payments for services performed will relax.  I hate that.  It makes cash flow in the construction business we operate poor.  This complicates future work.

Here's a tip.  Always stay on top of each of your projects.  It is a business decision whether you will "Notice" a job - but in this day you may wish to re-look your platform on that matter.  If you miss the 45 day deadline you are really and truly without lien rights.  Can you still lien a job?  Sure!  But you are most likely to be turned out of the courthouse on your ear.  I would hate that too.

We trust that all of you who peruse this blog have learned all these matters in previous continuing education classes.  When you come to our class, we hope this information is a "review".  At least that is what it should be.  However, many new contractors are starting their companies now.  We see all the new lists put out by the state.  Some are so new they are exempt from continuing education requirements.  Do you hate that?  Don't worry!  They will have their time just like you did.

Stay on top of your receivables.  It's the only way to positively impact your cash flow.

Continuing education doesn't have to be difficult or boring.  Our continuing education is TORTURE-FREE!  Register today!

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.