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Pool Contractor Requirements have changed!


The DBPR has CHANGED the rules!

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If you take the same continuing education course towards your 2018 license renewal, as you did in 2016, your license WILL NOT RENEW!

Please ... Let us please repeat this important news!

The course you took in 2016, ... wherever you took it ..., may have renewed your 2016 license, but the SAME COURSE, repeated now will NOT satisfy new requirements which the DBPR recently changed.

Contractor ETC is on the cutting edge of continuing education.  Our 2018 ONLINE course, and our 2018 LIVE course, are BOTH approved by the DBPR, and satisfy the new requirements.

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If you take a course elsewhere, you risk not being able to renew, and having to take a supplementary course!

We offer the supplemental course - for $30.

SAVE YOUR MONEY!  Register for our LIVE CLASS at no increase in price!

Or register for our ONLINE POOL course for $99.

Do NOT find out at the last minute, that your license is delinquent because you took the wrong course, with a provider who does not provide the proper course!

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