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We take the "BORING" out of
construction continuing education.

Texting While Driving

The Secretary of OSHA is intent on reducing fatalities at work!  This includes deaths that occur because a worker is texting while driving.

Do you have a NO-TEXTING policy?  Is it in writing?  Does your Continuing Education provider assist you in learning how to create such a policy?

When a worker gets killed it hurts everybody!  It hurts .. him ... of course, and his family, his friends, and it hurts YOU.  There are costs to the downtime, costs to the investigations, legal defense, replacement job interviewing time and training of that replacement costs.

You can't afford to have employees hurt while on the clock.

Start writing your NO-TEXTING policy and have employees understand it!

ContractorETC is about providing you with continuing education courses that are designed to help you AVOID problems, and be MORE successful in business.

Best Wind Mitigation Course

WIND MITIGATION is one small example of a topic in our continuing education courses, which is REQUIRED by the state, yet, doesn't appy to all contractors in our course!

Roofers must know about this information -but not pool contractors.

Builders must know, but not A.C. contractors.

So how do we build value in this short presentation?

First, we have made the entire course a video production!  We dim the lights, and have a 50 minute video presentation showing what amounts to hundreds of hours of research near and far!  We have case studies of actual recent disasters that show how improved standards make a difference!  This can surely help influence the pool and A.C. contractors to consider this information for at least their OWN homes!

We also show new styles of improved standards that are low cost and very useful in more ways that just wind mitigation.  This too has inspired many non-building contractors to ask questions and muse over this new information!  

Plus!  It's a MOVIE!

I wonder if next time we should distribute popcorn as a snack!?

ContractorETC is about helping make continuing education valuable for you!  We are about making continuing education classes easy, fun and interesting!  Have you seen a high quality movie for your continuing education ever?  All we have ever seen the other providers do it slip in 30 second clips of irrelevant jokers or ... if it does apply, it's low quality film production.

Ours is in HD!

ContractorETC is about helping make you MORE successful in your business.  Give us a try!

Construction Licensure

So the Florida DBPR has lots of publications to help contractors show homeowners why it is better to hire "licensed" contractors, rather than not!

Click HERE for a sample of a form you can print and present to any homeowner!

It is difficult to show people the value of a higher cost in a licensed contractor.  Many homeowners just see the $$$ and flee!  But this flyer at the DBPR website has some credentials that may assist you in showing where the value is.

Check it out!

Here at ContractorETC we are about helping make your MORE successful in your business. That is our goal here!

New Material??

Have you ever attended a "live" continuing education course which presented the same material as LAST cycle?

The State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation approves construction continuing education courses through their Construction Industry Licensing Board.  Those courses get approved for a three (3) year period of time.  This means that you will have some providers presenting the identical material, for at least TWO cycles. If they "renew" the course (which is a process that does NOT need to go before the Board) ... then ... it will be valid for six (6) years and you are likely to see the same material for three (3) cycles.

Who likes to see the same course three times within six years?


We are NEVER going to do this in our "live" classes!  We are always striving to "test" new material in our "live courses" and constantly using it as a forum to develop solid material for our "online" course.  We plan to update our "online" program during the end of the 2017 renewal period!  But NONE of our current "live" continuing education classes are the same as what we had 2 years ago. And in two years from now, nothing will be the same then, either!

We work hard to make continuing education an "EXPERIENCE".  It's not a class!  It is an "EXPERIENCE"!

Register with us to see how it works!

ContractorETC is all about helping make you MORE successful in business.