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#1 Fall Hazard Violation

Welcome back to the blog for contractors.  As we prepare our programs for this run of continuing education classes, we like to focus on safety hazards that keep on plaguing our work force.  Falls claim too many lives in construction and it needn't be so.  The #1 violation cited by OSHA is in residential construction where employees are not protected from falls of greater than 6' to a lower level.  Why does this happen?  And of course, I saw it again, today.  A worker installing doors on a second floor balcony - new construction - no guardrails on the balcony ... and it wasn't really that big either.  In 2006 OSHA cited contractors 1887 times for this exact violation. Since 2004, fall protection or scaffolding violations have been the #1 & #2 or #3, most-cited, violations, every year running. Falls usually end up causing major injuries and guess who's responsible for that?  Protect your workers from falls.  Train them.  Supervise them.  Reward them for compliance.  It doesn't matter HOW many times they've done it their way - gravity never fails.  Humans, on the other hand, regularly fail.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is about making your construction business more successful.

Another Homestead Continuing Education Class

Many Miami Dade contractors have expressed interest in our continuing education classes in Dade County, especially south Dade.  We are feeling that perhaps our first class of the 2014 renewal period may sell out in which case we will need to schedule a second class. 

This blog entry is for contractors who are unable to register for the April 21 class in Homestead, and would prefer another date later in the summer.  We can tell you to stay tuned and call our office for more information.  

If a continuing education class at The Mutineer in Florida City doesn't pan out (because they are under repair) we direct you to our scheduled class for July 28 in the Redlands.  Spread the word to your fellow subcontractors and client contractors.

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.

A Disgruntled Contractor

This week I spoke with a licensed contractor who was as angry as they come.  I was trying to help him find a class that was in his area, conveniently timed and offered at a value he couldn't beat - like all our classes. 

But this guy was arguing with me about the necessity of this class in the first place!  "I am a flooring contractor.  I have been a flooring contractor for 20 years.  What can you teach me about flooring that I don't know?"

He continued to rant and rave about the state law and county ordinance requiring him to obtain continuing education hour as a condition of his renewal.  I couldn't argue with his question.  There is NOTHING I can teach him about flooring. But here's the deal.  Wherein he may know everything about flooring and be the best flooring installer on the planet, nothing about that says he will be a successful business owner.

This is what we teach in our classes - and I have to believe it is why the state and county require it.  Our goal it to help you be better informed of legislative changes in the law and OSHA standards and other construction rules.  Both the state and county open their laws by saying that they see it in the best interests of the general public health, welfare and safety for construction contractors to be regulated.  Nobody can argue with this considering there are so many unlicensed workers out there ripping off so many John Doe's.

This is why the gentleman I was speaking to on the phone earlier this week is misguided.  He even said he was tired of complying with regulation and was NOT going to renew his license and just get jobs and charge customers for work without a license.

In Florida this is a first degree misdemeanor for an initial offense and a third degree misdemeanor the second time.  Working without a license during a state of emergency is a third degree felony.  I hope our friend thinks about that.

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.

Roofers May Install Tubular Skylights

A recent ruling by the Construction Industry Licensing Board shows that it IS within the scope of a certified and registered roofer's license, to install tubular skylights.

CLICK HERE for more information about the declaratory statement furnished by the Board.

This is another way for roofers to add some bang to their contracts.

If you have never seen a tubular skylight in action, you will be amazed.

Standard tubes come in various sizes.  Smaller ones are around 8" diameter.  Larger ones as wide as near 13".  Small ones are entirely sufficient to provide light in small windowless bathrooms, during daylight hours.  The larger ones work exceptionally well in unlit laundry rooms and the sort, measuring near 10' x 10'.

They are easy to install.

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping your Florida construction business be MORE successful.