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Repeat of our PILOT Blog Entry

Hello Florida Contractors! 

We were reviewing our contractor blog entries and came across our inaugural BLOG entry from when our website was first created!  It bears repeating.  

We hope you appreciate the nostalgia!

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is pleased to welcome you to our inaugural BLOG entry.  We pride ourselves in providing contractors premium continuing education programs, which are fully approved and necessary for your license renewal -  as well as informative, fun and educational.  What we plan to use this blog for, is to post information that will help broaden your awareness of construction law, and practices - all of which matter to your bottom line.  We see that the success of your business is soundly based on three "legs" - QUALITY - PRODUCTION & SAFETY.  If one fails, your entire ship isn't going to float for long.  Our blog entries, as our continuing education programs, are purposely designed to address all of these three "legs".  We will also put great emphasis on the requirements that authorities put on you, in order to maintain your license.  For instance, new OSHA guidelines and/or information.  Do you want an example? Just a couple weeks ago, OSHA started a major focus in the southeastern United States on combustible dust.  Maybe this doesn't exactly relate to construction, or contractors, but if it were a focus that did, you would be able to hear about it first, right here, on our Contractors Education & Training Corporation blog.

Continuing education may be required for your license renewal, but it doesn't have to be boring.  We plan to make your time in class engaging and of the sort that will change the way you act once you leave.  With that in mind, let me close this pilot blog entry with a question.

Do you have a safety program because you want to save the lives of, and reduce injury to, your employees, or, because you want to be in compliance?  Your answer will have much to do with how your safety program looks and operates.  We hope to see you back here again soon as we plan to have our continuing education classes become a big part of the success of your construction business. 

Online programs are already up and running!

Continuing education does NOT HAVE TO BE TORTUROUS!

WELCOME TO 2018 Continuing Education

Today is the day we will be listing our classes for the Summer 2018 renewal period. 

ALL CLASSES WILL BE POSTED under our Upcoming Class list, by midnight today, Friday, December 29, 2017!

Look for our continuing education mailers soon!  We are happy to provide you with a TORTURE FREE continuing education experience that is pertinent and has value to you and your career.

Continuing education programs don't have to be boring!  As a contractor myself, I have had to take these courses since their inception.  I was gritting my teeth every time I had to attend, too.

We, at Contractors Education and Training Corporation, pride ourselves in presenting you with a value-oriented course that has actionable information which is relevant and satisfies all the requirements

Simply view our calendar and see what class works for you.

We are happy to provide you with these classes.  Register NOW!

The calendar is to be posted today!

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.

Is It Airtight?

Are you good at sealing up houses, tight as a drum?

We've talked about green building recently. Seeing as how in summer in Florida the heat is always trying to invade air conditioned spaces, maybe we should take a look at keeping the heat out and the cool air inside.

Here's an interesting fact.  If there is a sliver of a gap around a living room size window - say ... 1/16" or even less......when you add up the lineal footage, it can easily total a full square inch of space.  Caulking shrinks or shrivels with age.  Old windows are now well fastened and can wiggle sometimes when the window is opened and closed.  There are a variety of reasons why a gap could appear.  

But what happens later?

Think about a full square inch of space.  That's around the size of a garden hose.  So, in hurricane force conditions, that gap around the window could act the same as a full speed garden hose squirting water into the house.

If you are a homeowner, has this way of presenting this idea convinced you to check your windows to see if they are "tight as a drum"?  If you are a contractor, do you think this way of presenting this condition could translate into you selling any window upgrade work?

Keeping windows sealed well, keeps out the water in a driving wind storm, and it also keeps the A.C. inside.  Check your windows and those of your clients and see what you find.

For TORTURE FREE continuing education register with Contractor ETC today!

Contractors Education & Training Corporation is about making your construction company MORE successful.

Getting ready for 2016 Spring Classes

HELLO Florida Contractors.

Your 2016 certified license is expiring at the end of the summer!  

We are working hard to provide you with a menu of continuing education course options that will be convenient for you.

Do you want an excellent contractor class?  Our contractor class is just what you need.

We have negotiated venue reservations from the Monroe County line to Pensacola!

We look forward to serving your continuing education needs.  We have a new, dynamic course already approved by the licensing authorities.  Once we see you in class, we are confident you will see that we are the BEST continuing education course provider you have ever attended! 

It's fresh with new information and a fresh, new type of program!

Contractors Education and Training Corporation is about helping make your Florida construction business MORE successful.